Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Aritzia: Fall/Winter 2010

V and I went shopping at the mall today. Walked into Aritzia and, AH. Beautiful. Clothes. But, of course, we made a fool of ourselves when we commented on how we didn't get the clog trend and we turn around to see one of the sales ladies wearing clogs...That'll teach us to keep our big mouths shut.

Trying to decide what I want for the big 1-8.

A thick knit sweater?

From Free People

A brand new hardcover book?

I started reading this book but it was overdue at the library and I was racking up the fines.
Lemon scented lotion?

From the Body Shop

Anyway, it's time to stop browsing online and time to start sleeping. I have another glorious day of school to look forward to!


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