About Me

I started this blog as a high school student as a way to talk about the hardcore strugg life I was leading. 5 years later, I'm a college student leading the same strugg life...some things never change.

My life is full of good food, good travel, and good company.

Most posts are a mix of thoughts about life, personal writing, and my travels. It's light reading, but I hope it satisfies those who are looking for food for thought and incites some travel envy.

I love comments and discussion and I try to respond to everyone, so comment away!



  1. Hey! So this is a little weird but I just want to say I have been reading your blog since I was in high school (in 2010). I used to keep a blog too back then but I got rid of it once I went to uni. Anyway I memorized your url and always enjoy reading your blog posts. I feel like I can relate to you since we are pretty much the same age (I'll be 21 soon). Anyway your new blog set up is pretty cool :) And just know that you have a fan in Australia! Cheers :D

    1. Ok, this actually made my day. You are so sweet! I have been bad about keeping up with this blog over the years, but it's crazy how something as simple as these posts have connected us over the years and distance. Thanks for sticking with me for so long!


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