Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Beauty in The King's Speech...

The King's Speech was beautiful. The script, the message, the portrayals, the tone. I couldn't help but feel like every shot was a painting. Soft usually but at times harsh. Light and shadows and blurred lines. Dark shadows and foggy backdrops.

I took a few stills from the movie to show you. It reminds me of Gustave Caillebotte.

Gustave Caillebotte painting

Every frame of the movie evokes such a profound reaction in me.

I came to film school thinking I'd want to work on movies in some form or another. But once I got here, I decided that I actually wanted to work more in television than film. Why? I enjoy the fast paced environment a little more than I think I would on a slower paced film set.

But, jeez. Seeing these photos really makes me realize why I was attracted to the film school in the first place. The beauty of film really astounds me. You just don't see shots like this in television.

It is rare that I watch a movie that resonates with me on almost every level, and The King's Speech was one of them. (Along with An Education, which I obsessively blogged about.)


Study Abroad...

Currently in the process of applying for study abroad. Sorry that this next sentence is an annoying #firstworldproblem, but I have to say it anyway. I was dreading making the decision about where to study abroad: did I want to go to Madrid, where I could finally put my 8 years of Spanish to use, or to Seoul, where I could finally connect to my Korean heritage? The decision wasn't easy but once I made it, I knew I had made the right decision.

I'm applying to go study abroad in Seoul, Korea for spring of 2013. Sure, I don't know how to speak the language but what better way to start? And, not going to lie, a huge part of how I know I made the right decision was just thinking about all the Korean food I'm going to get to eat. It's going to be fantastic, really. I might come back 300 lbs...but actually.

Anyway, nothing is set in stone until I actually apply and get accepted into the program but hopefully, fingers crossed, this time next year I will be writing to you from Seoul!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gelato, Candy, and Tokyo Cafe...

When the moon is out:

We split down the middle, as evenly as five can split. The leaves went one way, the branch, another. And as the leaves fluttered in the cool night air, the branch started peeling.

It was a night of miscommunication and booze; of parties and dancing; of boy asking girl to dance; of girl turning her shoulder; of bad tastes left in mouths.

When the sun rose:

Laid out on the roof of the parkade with some Banana Boat tanning oil. Hope I'm tanner. Hope I don't end up a leathery old woman.

I went to a shoot for a show on campus. Got to hear this really amazing coming out story. So much more than a coming out story though. It was the life of a truly brave person being told in utter sincerity.

Next was Tokyo Cafe for some dinner. It wasn't too great but what WAS great were the two waiters who look like they were pulled straight from Grease. Actually, they look like they are MODELS pulled straight from a Grease-inspired photo shoot. Won't go back for the food. WILL go back for the view. (insert inappropriate catcalls here)

Went to get candy from the candy store (you fill a basket and every piece is ten cents, bought $4 worth). Then we three couldn't resist the Italian place and the gelato that lives within. Got some oro d'oro gelato (kind of custardy). Got the smallest one for $4 and only ate half so I have some for tomorrow (or, more realistically, later tonight).

Came back for a heart-to-heart that resolved some and mucked others.

Shower. Hair drying. Straighten hair. Change. Makeup. Pump up music. Booze. Party.

Somewhere in there find time to study.