Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Comeback Kid (or whatever)

As you can tell, I took a little break from this blog. A little 10 month break.

I didn't exactly abandon Haewon or Bust, but I felt like I had spent so much time with it that it was starting to become a place for me to dump my thoughts in a heap without really caring about the quality of what I was writing. But I have a private paper journal for my word vomit and didn't want this to be like that!

I also took some time off so I could write a new travel blog about my semester in Seoul, South Korea, Heart Full of Seoul. I didn't want to put those posts on this blog because I didn't really want you all to find out that I'm actually an alcoholic, and I wanted to try out using WordPress.

But I really missed Haewon or Bust.

It's sort of my platform for saying the things I don't get a chance to say in real life, and it forces me to write in a way that my almost-daily journaling doesn't. Obviously every post isn't meant to be a MASTERPIECE! or professional quality writing, but it forces to me write about things other than boys, how I loathe myself for procrastinating on my schoolwork, and how I am going nowhere in life. Essentially, it forces me to think about the words I am putting down on e-paper.

I've also missed writing just in the most general sense. I always have considered myself a writer (all my scholarships that I have won have been for my writing) and even spent my first two years of undergrad as a screenwriting major. This year, my junior year, is my first year as a film studies major and although I love it, I miss being forced to write for my classes. As painful as it was for overly-shy me to workshop my writing in class, at least it meant that I was writing, thinking critically about my writing, and knew that the fear I felt while presenting my work meant I still cared deeply about my written work. Now, I don't really get that, and I want to feel that again.

This might be a bit of a boring post (because it's quite personal and as much as I hate to admit it, NOBODY REALLY CARES ABOUT WHAT I HAVE TO SAY AS AN INDIVIDUAL), but I wanted to let you know that I'm back.

For a while. Well, for now. That's all I can promise.

I'll be studying abroad again next semester in Italy (BOO, YOU WHORE) so I will keep up with this until I (probably) start a new travel blog for my time in Italy (or just continue using my old one even though it is CLEARLY a reference to me being in Seoul..."Heart Full of Seoul"...I wasn't forward thinking on that one. My bad!).

Now that I've used up my allotted parenthesis for the day, I shall say goodbye until my next (and more entertaining) post.

Hello again to all,