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Weird Youtube Comment of the Day...

krazyhandz777 comments:

"This is the coolest baby I've ever seen. JK LOL The baby is possessed by an elder spirit reincarnated. Maybe an uncle or a close relative. You can tell by the baby's gestures and movement. Also the facial expression. My sister's baby went through this similar ordeal but with alcohol instead of tobacco. You should see a drunk 2 yr old. It is so funny. LOL We had the spirit cast out by a witch doctor that knows voodoo rituals. The baby is fine now and drinks baby formula instead of alcohol. "

I Want Floral Pants...

Ba Ba Ba Inside My Head...

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Melody by Kate Earl

F*** You.

This is what you do when you are really tired at night and have nothing to do and refuse to do homework.

I hate scary things. Scary movies, scary books, I am literally scared to watch scooby doo by myself. I do not know why. Every time I have to go in the basement by myself, I think, "Ohmygodpleasegrudgegirldonoteatmepleasepleaseplease," and I run as fast as I can.

So you can imagine how much I despised my friends who invited me to a sleepover and kept it a secret from me that we were going to watch Scream. So I was stuck at a sleepover, rocking back and forth in fetal position, sweating, having a heart attack. After the movie I made someone stand in the shower while I peed because I was too afraid to pee alone.

Which says a lot because I hate it when people can hear me pee.

This picture represents everything I am not.


Commenttttttttttt meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Cartoon of the Night...

I'm a part time doodler, part time lover.

Friday, May 28, 2010


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The Informant

I just got back earlier today from Camp-HOME SWEET HOME.

Every year, the 6th graders go on a four day long camp trip and they ask high school kids to be their counselors. I went when I was in sixth grade and had really great memories of it so last year I decided to go on the trip as a counselor. However, I didn't realize that camp is much more fun when you are the ill-mannered sixth grader and not the stressed out high schooler who is trying to control 8 sixth graders at 10 o'clock at night who don't know how to whisper.

Last year was a lot of fun, but I swore that I wouldn't do it again this year. You miss a solid week of school, you have to pay the fee, you get community service hours but the bathrooms are disgusting and exhaustion is a given.

HOWEVER, being me and having memory problems, I signed up again this year!

Now, instead of boring everyone with the details of what happened I will give you the SparkNotes version


  • Torrential downpours = wet socks & frizzy hair
  • Realizing that my rain coat is in fact, not waterproof
  • The bathroom floor covered in mud, bugs, plants, toiletpaper, hair, band aids, trash, socks, soap, plastic trash bags, etc.
  • The toilets...*throwing up sound*
  • Sitting on a tree stump, standing up, and not being able to unstick all the twigs from my butt
  • Making ridiculous motions and sounds while slipping on the rocks during the beach walk [I almost fell on my butt so in an attempt to stay upright I had to flail my arms. I didn't regain balance for like, a minute solid. Just me, in a constant state of falling for a minute.]
  • Trying to find a time to poop when no one else was around
  • Showering in the disgusting showers with super low water pressure
  • Never feeling completely clean after exiting a bathroom, no matter how hard I scrubbed my hands with soap and hot water
  • Dealing with annoying people (and I don't mean the sixth graders...)
  • *Looking ugly at all times


  • *Looking ugly but not caring
  • 6th grader: You don't seem like a high schooler Me: >:\ why? 6th grader: You're too nice to be a high schooler Me: :D
  • My umbrella was like gold on the island this week (needless to say I was very popular at Camp)
  • Having my cabin girls tell me they loved me and that A- & I were the best counselors
  • Getting a girl to go from saying "I can't dance" and sitting on the bench at the dance to being the dancing queen
  • Seeing deer walk around everywhere, all the time
  • Seeing Canada across the waters from my cabin every night
  • Being moved to near-tears at the sight of the ocean at night
  • Sitting on the porch of the cabin at sunset, listening to the waves, looking out over the water, perfectly at peace
  • The look on the girls' face when we gave them their handmade cabin tee shirts
  • Living without technology, happily
  • Singing randomly with random people
  • Losing my voice after the dance
  • Meeting the sweetest kid named Pedro who I wanted to take home!
  • Realizing after the first ten minutes with my cabin girls that I loved them all and that the trip was going to be amazing

As much as I loved it, the worst part is getting caught back up in school. And to make matters worse, I'm missing some school next week to go on my band trip to Disneyland....

Anyone live near Disneyland? I've never been before!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Job Interview...

The interview

It's 3:40, I'm supposed to be there at 4:00 pm but it only take 7 minutes to get there. "I'll wait for you in the car!" my dad shouts as I'm combing my hair in the bathroom. I check my braces-lined teeth for any food and turn off the bathroom light just as I hear my dad running up the stairs and yell, "SHE TOOK THE CAR." "She" being my mom, "took the car" meaning I'm screwed.
Ring Ring. Ring Ring. "Hello?"
Both sides hang up the phone. What did that accomplish!? I call up my friend E- and as the phone rings I have a flashback to when I was taking a bath and envisioned this exact, horrific moment happening. "E! If you aren't busy, do you think you could do me a HUGE favor?"
"Do you need a ride to your interview?"
How did she know. "How did you know?"
I get to my interview on time, thank the lord & E-. As I am standing there in the store, waiting for the manager, I am brushing lint off my dress and realize that my panty line is TOTALLY VISIBLE. That's probably the reason why, when the manager so unfortunately walked up from behind me, I twirled around ultra quickly and nervously...knocking over a display mug or cup or something.
I bent around giggling and mumbling something incoherent and placed the cup back on the table. I fumbled to reach his still outstretched hand for a handshake.
Despite the horrific, suicidal making start, the interview went well. A lot of the things I said related to the interviewer somehow and he even asked me, "Is this your first interview? It is? You are very relaxed and comfortable! Good!"
He said he would let me know Monday. I'm nervous though. He said he was strict and kept talking about how mean he is! He seemed nice at the interview but he said that basically everyone who works there is a perfectionist and that he had hired a couple people two weeks ago and had to fire them! AGHH I am so nervous. I know I shouldn't worry about being fired before being hired. But REALLY!?
Wish me luck.

Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Just a Little Girl...

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The Show by Lenka

It seems to me that the school year should be over. Sure, I only have four more weeks of school, but I am mentally checked out. My brain is fried after AP/IB testing, the weather is getting nicer, and I can't get up in the mornings anymore.

It's weird. Next time this year, I will know where I am going for college, I will be virtually done with high school and relishing the last few moments of high school bliss...One more year.

Little kids grow up so fast!

Speaking of growing up, guess who just got their first interview? Me! I did! Okay, it's a big step away from actually getting hired, but hey. I'm half way there.

I'm so nervous, I am going to pee my pants. That's just the kind of person I am.

So I'm asking you all, any tips for my interview?



I don't know where to go,
Can't do it alone I've tried,
And I don't know why.
I'm just a little girl lost in the moment,
I'm so scared but I don't show it,
I can't figure it out, it's bringing me down I

I've got to let it go,
And just enjoy the

[I want my money back!]

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Funniest Video of the Month...

Watch this high-larious video of Merton, the funny Chat Roulette piano improv guy.

You won't be disappointed.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Glee Season 1 Episode 18: Laryngitis...

Hold up.

What is with Kurt trying to be a straight, man's man? Are the writers trying to make us hate him? The whole reason we love Kurt is because he is gay and proud of it. I don't think the writers should have handled the "insecurity" situation that way. I stick by my proposal for a rival gay kid to come on the show, if only for a couple weeks.

I liked that they de-emphasized Rachel this week. I think we've been in a huge Rachel rut lately and it was nice to get out of it. I know we all are comfortable in our Rachel centered episodes but you can't have a sustainable show with only one character that the audience cares about. It was smart of them to build up the other characters a little bit more. There are only so many episodes you can have about one girl and her obsessive nature and her tendency to break into song.

I gotta say, I am happy to see a bit more of Mercedes and Puck, especially their new fling. Although they are clearly not the favorite characters or the most popular, to see their duet was refreshing and unexpected. I'm hoping that it won't last forever though because, call me crazy, I don't like seeing teen girls, such as myself, being played for a fool. Puh-leaze. It's fun for a few weeks at most, but after that it's just annoying.

Oh. And we like Finn more and more and Jesse less and less, as it should be. Horray, I love Finn. But is it just me or is Rachel super annoying?!

Despite this criticism, this episode was actually very good. We're glad to have a break from Will & Emma, and a break from Sue (even though she is one of the funniest characters on the show) and just get back to the heart of it: the Gleeks.


Side note: Thank God. AP tests have ended and, one day soon, I will regain my sanity.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Picture of the Day...

Carrying on in my "An Education" obsession is another picture from Wunderbuzz. By Signe Kassow. It's called Fever.

This picture drives me crazy.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Picture of the Day...

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Smoke Without Fire by Duffy

Photo Credit to Wunderbuzz, don't know from where originally

I have become obsessed with An Education. Cannot stop thinking about it. That's probably bad for a 17 year old, right?
My mom originally didn't want me to watch the movie. Which is funny because I've seen worse. She said she didn't want me to get any ideas. I told her, "please mom. There aren't any old guys around here that are appealing. Trust me, I'd know. If there were any, I'da left when I was 16!"
She didn't laugh, although I guess I wasn't really joking either. So what does that say about me? Scary thoughts.
My new song, Smoke Without Fire by Duffy, is from the ending credits of An Education. ...Obsession...


Happy Mother's Day to all!

Yes, everyone.

Seattle has blessed us with perfect 70 degrees weather. Sunshine, warmth, birds singing, and almond croissants at the french bakery. (And clam chowder, and a crab sandwich, and bread...) Salmon tulips, Pike Place Market, a honey stick for the lovely daughter...

A happy day indeed.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Thirty Second Movie Review: An Education...

Oscar's Challenge
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An Education
Directed by Lone Scherfig
Based on the Memoir written by Lynn Barber
Screenplay by Nick Hornby
Oscar Nominations: Carey Mulligan for Performance by and Actress in a Leading Role, Best Picture, Adapted Screenplay

Mmm. A very interesting movie. It's sort of a twisted movie. A young teenage girl falling in love with an older man. It's a movie about the loss of innocence. But the interesting thing is that the music, the tone and the the script are all lightweight. A lot of times, when you watch a movie about a young girl coming of age and losing her innocence, it's dark and heavy and you come out of it all feeling weighed down. Carey Mulligan's portrayal of Jenny is effortless. Peter Sarsgaard as David is layered.

If you liked The Talented Mr. Ripley, you'd like this movie. The innocence, the subtle manipulation throughout the movie, and, honestly, the perversion of the whole situation, is really intriguing.

I give this movie 4 1/2 umbrellas. Why not five? I wasn't entirely happy with the ending. And, at least for me, the ending plays a huge part in how I see the movie. I could watch a two hour long movie, think it's the best movie ever made, and then have it be ruined by the last five minutes. The ending didn't ruin the movie, not by any means. I just feel like it didn't live up to the high standards the beginning and middle of the movie had set. I loved the twist at the end, I loved the shots and I am glad that the character made the choice she did at the end. I just felt like the relationship between the two main characters ended without the final punctuation mark.

See the movie, it's good.


Monday, May 3, 2010

What I Will Miss When I Die...

What I will miss when I die, no edits, one take:
  • Eating my favorite foods
  • Laughing until my sides hurt
  • Hearing the rain pound on the rooftop every night
  • The stars twinkling at night
  • Staring longingly at cute boys
  • Watching the Thursday lineup on NBC with mom
  • Communicating solely in song with my sister
  • Singing the Winnie the Pooh song to wake up my brother
  • Making wontons with dad
  • Reading all night until the sun comes up
  • Busing it to Seattle with E
  • Morning car rides with A
  • 3 am confessions
  • Making collages
  • Writing stories that go nowhere
  • Watching behind the scenes footage and gag reels on dvds
  • Rubbing my pups belly
  • Putting together cute outfits
  • The confidence boost you get from a new haircut
  • Lying in bed in the dark, thinking
  • Telling a funny joke and hearing people laugh
  • Being the quiet person on the sidelines
  • Peeing in the morning
  • The sound of lawn mowers in the summer
  • Finding an amazing book series
  • The moment right before I fall asleep
  • Painting poorly because it's fun
  • Making lists for everything
  • Listening to the funniest teacher give a lesson
  • Running my tongue over my braces
  • Strumming my guitar with my eyes closed

I Am 16 Going on 17...

Actually no. I am 17, going on 18. I wish I was still 16. It's my favorite number, it was a relatively good year, and I can sing the Sound of Music song about myself. Yeah, I miss 16.

Anyway, now that I am 17 I can see Rated R movies. Which is nice because I used to watch rated R movies before but now I can do it legally. Or whatever.

So I went to see Green Zone with, you guessed it, Matt Damon! And for the first time ever, I GOT CARDED. Yeah, the guy actually asked me for my i.d. like he is supposed to. So I give it to him and he says, "Looks like we aren't QUITE 17 yet, are we?" And I say, "October of 1992, genius. Yes I friggin' am 17 thankyouverymuch."

Washington isn't known for being good at math....

Anyway, the whole reason I thought of this is because I LOVE this 500 Days of Summer picture and it reminded me about how that girl who plays the little sister, Chloe Moretz, is in Diary of a Wimpy Kid [hilarious book bee tee dub] and Kick Ass. And "Kick A", as the billboard at our theater calls it, is rated R and, yes, I can go see it.



P.S. I sort of do look 13 so I can't blame it ENTIRELY on this grown man's inability to do simple subtraction.