Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Glee Season 1 Episode 18: Laryngitis...

Hold up.

What is with Kurt trying to be a straight, man's man? Are the writers trying to make us hate him? The whole reason we love Kurt is because he is gay and proud of it. I don't think the writers should have handled the "insecurity" situation that way. I stick by my proposal for a rival gay kid to come on the show, if only for a couple weeks.

I liked that they de-emphasized Rachel this week. I think we've been in a huge Rachel rut lately and it was nice to get out of it. I know we all are comfortable in our Rachel centered episodes but you can't have a sustainable show with only one character that the audience cares about. It was smart of them to build up the other characters a little bit more. There are only so many episodes you can have about one girl and her obsessive nature and her tendency to break into song.

I gotta say, I am happy to see a bit more of Mercedes and Puck, especially their new fling. Although they are clearly not the favorite characters or the most popular, to see their duet was refreshing and unexpected. I'm hoping that it won't last forever though because, call me crazy, I don't like seeing teen girls, such as myself, being played for a fool. Puh-leaze. It's fun for a few weeks at most, but after that it's just annoying.

Oh. And we like Finn more and more and Jesse less and less, as it should be. Horray, I love Finn. But is it just me or is Rachel super annoying?!

Despite this criticism, this episode was actually very good. We're glad to have a break from Will & Emma, and a break from Sue (even though she is one of the funniest characters on the show) and just get back to the heart of it: the Gleeks.


Side note: Thank God. AP tests have ended and, one day soon, I will regain my sanity.

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