Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So Many Books to Read...

So little time.

Can't wait for the summer!

Glee Season 1 Episode 16: Home...

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Their Eyes Were Watching God

Disappointment fills the air...

I didn't like this week's episode of Glee. Yay for weight issues, yay for Kristin Chenoweth, yay for Finn and Kurt issues. But really? That's the best you could do?

I say that instead of showing issues between Kurt and his dad they should bring in a rival gay kid to join Glee for a while so that they have to battle it out to see who is the best (obviously Kurt would have to win but whatever).

I'd be a nice change of pace to see two gay kids as rivals to be the best rather than always see the gay kid feel awkward and like he isn't man enough. Yes, it's a real issue and I know that. But what better way to empower Kurt's character than to make him fight for his own self-respect?

Ugh, maybe I should just start my own show called "Choir Kids" or something. Then I can write, direct, edit...I'll do it all.

Yeah, I know. That's a horrible idea. Whateverrrrrrrrr.


Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Pregnant...

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16 & Pregnant

So first off, yes. I did accidentally type "eating" instead of watching. No, I don't believe in concealing my mistakes because I think typos, especially the ones where you type a whole different word, show a lot about a person. Obviously my typo reveals that I am obsessive eater yet.

Okay so anyway. I'm watching 16 & pregnant. [Oh, and no, I'm not pregnant.] I know this show is supposed to show you why not to go and get pregnant at 16: you won't have a supportive boyfriend, you will fight with your parents constantly, and you will become a huge brat (or you already were one, I'm not sure). But really, watching this show just makes me want a baby even more!

I've always been obsessed with babies. I've wanted a baby since I was like, five. And have you heard of that new baby movie that is coming out? I think it's called Babies. I cried and screamed when this preview came on and the whole time I was watching the feature film, I couldn't stop thinking about babies! (Granted it was The Last Song. Which...was actually good. Despite Miley's distracting front teeth and general lack of acting skills, I cried and liked the movie).

Despite my obsession with babies, I'm not going to go out and get pregnant (not just because no guys like me and I really don't have the opportunity/desire to...).

I'm thinking more like fish. I want some fish. You can't cuddle them or dress them up, and they don't really show affection towards you, but I feel like my life with fish might be better than what my life would be like 16 & preggers. JEEZE, that show is on in the background and I literally have a headache because of all the arguing. I love this show.

Anyone else surprised that Morgan Freeman is the executive producer of this show? I guess he was thinking like, you know, "What's more relatable to Americans than ill-mannered, uneducated, bratty, pregnant teens?" Oh you are right, Freeman. You are right.

I would know, I am one! :D

I've been joking about being pregnant a lot lately. I should stop. Especially with my growing food baby these days.



P.S. Can you guess what I did IMMEDIATELY after deciding to lose a couple pounds? I ate a vegan chocolate chip cookie a la mode. Apparently in my world, "lose weight" means "eat yourself into a coma".

Sunday, April 25, 2010

America: The Story Of Us...

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America: The Story Of Us

I don't know. Is it just me or is history actually pretty fascinating? Like, I'm not some huge history buff, but I gotta say. I really enjoy me some history channel every now and then.

I'm still pretty upset that I never watched that Matt Damon/Howard Zinn history channel thing ('cause we all know I'm NOT obsessed with Matt Damon or anything...).

I had to decide between the history channel and Star Trek tonight. It was a tough choice because, really, both options are about the same length and both capture the legacy of a great nation. I kinda wanna know about Captain Kirk's rise to captainhood and I really want to watch the struggle of the first settlers in Jamestown. HOW DOES ONE DECIDE.

So I'm deciding to go with American History, considering my AP US History test is coming up in two weeks and I can no motivation at all to do any real studying. (I hope the history channel doesn't screw me over by putting up some biased, overly dramatized crap like National Treasure.) I don't think my AP graders would appreciate me citing the history channel in my essay, would they?

Anyway. I guess I will just have to watch the rest of Star Trek tomorrow. Darn. But I figure it's part of my duty as a blogger to watch it. It was nominated for an Oscar so, technically, I have to watch it. It only won one Oscar this year, for best makeup, but still. It's a nominee and I must honor that fact and sacrifice my homework time to give the people what they want [ha, ha. actually just kidding. No one really cares about my reviews. But for the purpose of dramatic effect, I must be a martyr!].

Anyone with me? Anyone else going to watch the whole 12 hours of American history? We can do it!

So this kid in my APUSH class (AP US History) was talking about what the future AP tests will be like once we graduate and he was like, "they'll ask 'who was the first black president of the united states'". Haha. Maybe you just had to be there. Yeah, you just had to be there. Totallyyyy not funny. Okay, I'm stopping.

Knock knock.

Okay, no, just joking. I was trying to redeem myself for the bad attempt at a joke before but...

My lips are chapped and cracked! Owwwwwwwww.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

PRECIOUS (Based on the novel Push by Sapphire)...

Oscar's Challenge Movie Review: Precious

imdb summary: In Harlem, an overweight, illiterate teen who is pregnant with her second child is invited to enroll in an alternative school in hopes that her life can head in a new direction.

Director: Lee Daniels

Screenplay by: Geoffrey Fletcher

Rated R for child abuse including sexual assault, and pervasive language.

Oscar nominations(*wins): Mo’Nique for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role*, Geoffrey Fletcher for Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published*, Lee Daniels for Best Achievement in Directing, Joe Klotz for Best Achievement in Editing, Best Motion Picture of the Year, Gabourey Sidibe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

This movie has a gritty feel to it. It’s a ‘holds no bars’ movie and there is nothing soft or polished about it. The lighting, harsh. The vernacular, harsh. The editing, harsh. Every single aspect of this movie makes you uncomfortable. And that’s what makes it so amazing. With movies like this you, you can’t beat around the bush or take a soft approach. If you want to convey realism to the viewer, you have to throw punches constantly, and between the thrown objects, physical beat downs, and the cutting words, you don’t have time to breathe.

Mo’Nique was amazing and deserved all the awards (nearly 30 individually for her role as Mary) she has won this past awards season. Newcomer Gabourey Sidibe was just as impressive. Her role was convincing and she seemed to be the perfect person to play Precious. However, as a side note, I wonder if she will really be able to continue on the acting career path. Sure, this role was perfect for her and she transformed flawlessly, but the blunt truth is, there aren’t many roles for larger sized black women, no matter how strong, talented, or likable they are. Maybe she could play a couple guest starring roles on crime dramas or other television shows, but I don’t predict many more movies in her future. I’m not saying it should be this way, but it IS this way. I hope, hope, hope that the film industry could prove me wrong.

This movie isn’t for those who are close minded. You have to have an open mind watching this movie and go in willing to accept the truths you are being told. Not many of us live the life that the people in this movie live, and not many of us will ever understand on a first-hand experience level, what they are going through. But to watch and absorb and accept is to get the movie. Because even if you have never lived the abuse, you can relate to the pain and the hope. And that’s what this movie accomplishes.

I have to admit, if it wasn’t for the slight hope you feel at the end of the movie, and if it wasn’t for Paula Patton as Ms. Rain, there would be no sunshine to this dark movie, and it would be a total bust. I found myself relishing the moments when Ms. Rain was in the scene because it provided some levity to the heaviness of the movie. This, undoubtedly, is an achievement on the part of Director Lee Daniels-he makes the viewer feel as Precious feels. However, another pitfall, or possibly it’s just my personal preference against it, was the moments in which Precious had these fantasies about her life turning into something better and bigger. These scenes, Precious as a movie star, Precious in a music video, had clear intent-Precious wants more for herself. But the placement of the scenes was awkward and didn’t flow with the emotional current of the movie as a whole.

The novel in which this movie is based is called “Push”. I haven’t read it but have heard that it is a very good book. And, as I believe that you have to read the book if you’ve seen the movie, I intend to read it sometime or another.

Overall, I give this movie four umbrellas.
It was real, it was honest, and it was dark, but it lacked the continuity the viewer needs to feel in order to completely dissolve out of the real world and into Precious’s world.

[If you liked this movie you may like:
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints with Shia Labeouf and Robert Downey Jr.]


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Friday, April 23, 2010

I Loves My Street Grunge...

Glee Season 1 Episode 15: The Power of Madonna...

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Glee: The Power of Madonna

Okay, so I'm a little late on the Glee update. SPOILER ALERT.

That was my warning.

Okay, so if you didn't get to catch this week's episode of Glee, you can go online and watch it or you can catch a special encore showing tonight at 9 on fox.

So what let's discuss this week's episode. Did you like the Madonna theme? I suppose it was to happen sooner or later. It definitely gave Glee a new vibe, especially with Sue singing and the really experimental type music video they made for Vogue. I couldn't quite appreciate it as much as I should have because it was just too bizarre for me. 

Funniest Random Moment: When Brittany asks Mr. Schuester if Jesse St. James is his son. 

I thought one of the most entertaining pieces was when Will first sees the Cheerios practicing and all those cheerleaders were on stilts. That was so random and they were weird giraffe people but it was really cool! Especially when they lifted people up and spun that around. Creative, impressive, unexpected. 

The Best song and overall performance by far was, of course, the closing song: Like A Prayer. It was sweet, it captured the essence of the episode, and all of our favorite characters had their little solo time. Not to mention the choir at the end to cap it all off. 

What I didn't like about the episode: Jesse St. James is so frustrating! Okay, it's not that I didn't like him in this episode. He's amazing. But you always hate seeing the villain win. He not only almost gets Rachel to give it up but he's playin' her and NOW he is part of New Directions! We feel bad for poor, sweet, clueless Finn; he is losing to self-centered Jesse who is only using Rachel to sabotage New Directions.

Was it just me or did we all feel awkward seeing Jesse in the closing number? Yes, he is part of their glee club now but it was just so weird. He was out of place. The devil standing amongst the choir. Mhm, very interesting.

And, of course, we must talk about the big V in this episode. Emma, Finn, and Rachel were all due to lost their virginity in this episode. Did it happen? Not quite. It started with a little dream-like sequence where Finn & Santana, Emma & Will, and Rachel and Jesse all sung like a virgin in the same exact scenario. All about to lose their virginity in a planned, not so sincere way. Finn wants to get back at Rachel, Rachel wants to make backstabbing moron Jesse happy, and Emma wants to take control of her body and "do the nasty" [aww, she is so cute]. I thought Rachel would go through with it. She has been such a screw up lately (for example, letting their number one enemy get into her mind) that I just assumed she would follow through completely and then put everything in jeopardy. Emma couldn't have done it so soon. Her and Will need more time to have trouble with each other. If there isn't any tension between the two, then they will be happy and that just can't be. Especially not with Will's divorce over and out of sight. But Finn. Finn!? WHY, FINN, WHY. He did it. For some reason, you never expect the dumb ones to be the culprit.

Overall I was fairly happy with this episode. I felt like there was little plot advancement. So, what? Jesse is part of New Directions? Yeah, he is already screwing everything else up. Why not just add that in and break my heart further. But other than that, Will & Emma are back where they started more or less, Finn is no longer a virgin but will that really change him that not? I think not. It may create some superficial drama but everyone is quick to forgive. Absolutely nothing happened with Quinn. Mercedes and Kurt are now Cheerios but we know that Kurt will always end up back where he is allowed to sing Defying Gravity and we know that Mercedes has to come back to sing songs with soul. How long do we give them with the Cheerios? They'll be back by the time Quinn's baby pops out.

By the way, where was the baby bump? Did she already have it? Is it in the dumpster or something. She was sure dancing hard during the Express Yourself number. Maybe it rolled out then.

No big rants about this week's episode. No big raves, either. It was so-so. Which I hate to say about a Madonna episode. I was waiting for the big "AHA!" moment of the episode but it never really came.

My expectations are set high. Hopefully next week we'll see something more.


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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Trying to stay awake on 2 hours of sleep in spanish class is not an easy feat. 7th period, eyes closing.


AHHHHHHH, teachers yelling at me is not fun.

Plus the sun is gone from the sky.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello Seattle, Sing Me to Sleep Tonight...

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Hello Seattle by Owl City
(In the style of last week's Glee episode in which all the songs had "Hello" in the title (: Also, in the spirit of this blog, all about my home)

(Both above) Views from the front of my house,
afternoon and morning.

I hate to point out the obvious, but there is something so comforting, calming about being home. So much so that I take it for granted every day. Whenever I travel, which isn't very often, I find myself missing my home and my bed and the places where I recognize everything, am familiar with everything. Now let me tell you something shocking. I don't really live in Seattle. (Collective gasp!) Let me give you a moment to recover from the shock.

No, I don't live in Seattle, I live in what we like to call the "suburbs of Seattle". It's a town that's growing rapidly and was once deemed "The City on the Rise" or something to that cheesy effect on msn or one of those other acronymed sites. I've lived here my whole entire life, was even born in this city, but back in those days [the olden days, yes], our city wasn't anything to scream over. It was actually kind of dumpy. But now the downtown is growing exponentially-in business and population-and is quickly growing a name for itself (is that the phrase?). Whenever anyone asks where I'm from, I automatically say "Seattle, Washington" -proudly. But on one of my college visits, the admissions officer asked my friend and I where we were from to which we replied "the Seattle area". I can't say I wasn't totally surprised when he practically chastised us for saying the "Seattle area" and not the name of the city that we are actually from. He told us he "hates it when people say that because they should just say where they are from because every city has its own unique personality! Seattle is not the same as say, Redmond, or Mercer Island".

I mean, talk about an overreaction, right? Jeesh! I live 20 frickin' minutes away from Seattle! Do you know how annoying it is to say "I'm from Bellevue, WA" and for people to say "So is that near Seattle or what?". But at the same time, I totally see his point. I, of all people, would be the first to tell you to have pride in your hometown. I love my "Seattle suburb" town. It's like in Cheers, "you wanna go where everybody knows your name". People know me here, it's my life.

Microsoft Building in Bellevue

When I went on my college visit trip in Oregon, most of the schools that we visited were in the middle of no where. They were in these tiny towns and the houses were run down and there was nothing to do for fun there but work as a pea picker. If I learned one thing about myself on that trip, it's that I am a definite city girl.
Bellevue is a good sized city. It's generally considered a pretty wealthy city; Microsoft HQ is in Redmond, our neighboring city, so close I can literally walk across the street and be there. Many of my friend's parents work at Microsoft and, yes, we always assume they are rich if their parents work there. Boeing, of course, was founded here (okay, not HERE, but in Seattle). Bill Gates lives in Medina, literally five minutes from downtown. Expedia HQ is here, we have multiple schools that have repeatedly been in the top 100 school in the nation in US News. The city streets are always clean and, despite some rumors about an apparent Russian mafia controlling the real estate market, there isn't anything really super sketch that goes on here (ahh, will I get killed for saying that there's a Russian mafia? Please, no! I'm only 17! I have my whole life ahead of me! Plus, if I die, everyone will know who it is now. Phew). Yeah, some of the rich kids get bored and buy drugs, but that happens in the small 300 person towns, too. It's almost like a sad fact of life now.
Transit Center in downtown Bellevue and new building

I love my hometown, I love almost everything about it. The summers here are TO DIE FOR. We may have 10 months of living in the most depressing, dampest pit of hell, but the two months or so we get of blissful summer is probably the closest thing you will find to heaven. It is growing quickly though, and for some reason I get a little protective over it. Like, "hello, I was here first get of my property" kind of thing. I'm scared that it will be taken over. By who? I don't know. My question is where all these new people think they are going to live. Yes, there is always new construction going on. There used to be cranes galore on the downtown skyline (there might still be, I can't remember. If there are, I have gotten used to seeing them there, and that is sad news), so there are always new places to live. But seriously, those are like penthouses and town houses that are like $2,000 a month or $2 million. Who can afford that?! Apparently we can.

I live in the "suburbs" of Bellevue. The suburbs of the suburbs of Seattle. I love it here. I love my school, I love my friends (did I mention Bellevue is a very diverse city? Over the years my best friends have been Korean, Chinese, White, Black, Filipino, Honduran, Israeli, and Indian. My mom always tells me that I take for granted the diversity of our city. I probably do, but I don't know anything else other than multicultural communities). I love living here. And as much as I want to leave home for college, I know I will miss this place more than I could ever imagine. It will be painful.

Anyway, enough bragging. I just took some pictures of the city and wanted to share them like a proud mother. I will put some up of Seattle eventually. Because, really, even though I don't technically live there, it's more or less my home city too. It's definitely a huge part of me.

What's your city like? I want to hear all about it!

Love from the suburbs,


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Glee, First Episode! (Spoilerrrrrrrrs)...

Did anyone watch Glee? Man, Will is such a player! He's still married, gettin' freaky with Emma, AND now he thinks he can just go and make out with this other glee director? Nuh-uh, old man!

Emma is so innocent. It was actually kind of boring in this episode. Not because of her innocence but because she's such a predictable character. I'm sure she has to break out of that mold at some point but when? There's only so long that an audience will put up with the same ol', same ol'.
I loved Rachel's version of the All American Rejects song "Gives You Hell" and her performance with new guest character, Jesse St. James, singing Lionel Richie's "Hello". Jesse St. James is played by none other than Jonathan Groff, her Spring Awakening costar. I love reunions!
The whole episode was based on "Hello", the episode being cleverly named "Hell-o". Okay, I guess it's not that clever. It was a good episode. It was satisfying after a long break from Glee. I was all too eager for it to return. But if I weren't a superfan of this show already and wasn't desperate for anything new, I'd have to say that this episode was only so-so. Will is just annoying right now. I don't like his unfaithful ways and his childlike rebounds. I know there isn't supposed to be any real "adults" in this show, but if anyone were to act a bit adult-like, you'd hope it'd be Will, right? Seeing him making out with random Vocal Adrenaline coach, Shelby Corcoran (aka Idina Menzel!!! Which I am SO excited about!!) is just disgusting. And Rachel is for the first time, just. plan. annoying. Usually it's funny and kind of cute and you let it pass because, "hey, it's just a show". But this time I stop pretending to not care and want to strangle her as she HIDES her relationship with Jesse St. James, who is playin' her in order to defeat New Directions, from the rest of the group.
So I guess this season premier had its ups and downs. Yes, it had Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff, but it's such a frustrating episode of people acting stupid that I'm on the fence about this episode. But hey, I have to be harsh. It's Glee. It has high standards.
Okay, that's pretty much it. I made cake tonight because I have no homework and because I get to sleep until 8 tomorrow because it's WASL/HSPE week! (state standardized testing for soph's.) I made a yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting.
I also took tons of photos outside. They will go up later. It's late. And I should sleep.
Hasta luego,

P.S. Did you know, Idina Menzel and Lea Michele are the same person:

And Jonathan Groff isn't a total troll:

See? Photo from Call Me Freckles!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glee is Back...

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American Idol

And waiting for Glee to return soon after! (@ 9:28 according to Fox (: ). Now that Glee1 is back on, you might be getting a lot of "what happened on"'s. I don't know why I love this show so much. I guess it's just super funny to me that these kind of downer teenage situations are doused in show tune songs and breakout dance numbers. Yeah, it's not like High School Musical where you randomly find them singing in the middle of the hallway with people walking around. It's a little more normal. They are (usually) singing in situations where one may find people actually singing, like in Glee Club. However, there was that one episode where Emma and Will dance together and Emma sings. That would be kind of weird in real life.

Anyywayyy, I am excited for Glee. I won't have time to squeeze in studying but....sometimes you gotta make sacrifices! Besides, I already finished my calc homework (and it's only 8pm! I don't usually start homework until like, what? Ten? Twelve? jk.)

I have also decided that my posture is horrible and needs to be corrected before I become a hunchback lady. Because, although I could find another hunchback hubby, I would prefer to be semi-normal shaped. 90% of my height comes from the waist up, it's weird. I don't need another deformity! Maybe I should get one of those things you snap into place on your back so that when you slouch, you get a snap to the back. You know, the one your (my) mom threatened you (her kids) with when you (we) were younger. [I just researched it. I can save myself from having to marry the hunchback or Notre Dame for the small price of $29.99! Hallelujah!]

I better go and concentrate on homework (television).



1:Have you heard about those Glee auditions? I wanted to audition but then when I read the rules for applying that said "record your awesome singing abilities" I was like, I'm out.

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Words Just Get in the Way (aka the GOD post)...

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Sweet Pea by Amos Lee (still)

(I don't know proper blogging etiquette and I feel weird responding individually to comments-because I am weird-but THANK YOU to those of you who commented most recently (: Very sweet and much appreciated!)

Spring Break is my favorite time of the year. How many times do I have to say that before it stops being true?

But all good things must come to an end and, unfortunately, my life is no exception to that rule. So no more lazy days and nights, it's time to study study study and get a 5 on the AP test (to make your high school look good or w/e).

Basically this is my weirdo post. Well, pretty much that's every post. "The words just get in the way", says Amos Lee. I agree, Amos! Sometimes I just want to post because, you know, you all depend on me to know what is going on in the world and all that. But sometimes I wish I had a cord to connect to my brain that could piece all my incoherent thoughts together to form beautiful sentences that actually make sense and then type it up for me.

But until technology catches up with my brain, I am forced to like, use my brain, or something. God, what a weird concept.

So today I went to "my" church (and I say "my" because, although I've gone there periodically since I was a young girl, I don't go regularly. Unless once a year on average is regular...). My mom and grandma and I went to hear the resident scholar, Rabbi Ted Falcon talk about Adam and Eve. Now, you have to understand. Rabbi Ted Falcon is the funniest, most interesting, most intelligent speaker. Now this is coming from a 17 year old, non religious girl who sometimes has a slight fear or organized religion. His take on certain topics is so interesting. He truly makes me think harder, grow stronger, and feel more positive than anyone else. I got more out of one of his hour and a half long speeches than I got out of the whole "bible" unit we studied Sophomore year1.

You should definitely check out this site if you are ever stranded on the "there's-nothing-to-do-online" island. I'm not putting pressure on you religious wise. To tell you the truth, I'm kind of a weird blend of bits and pieces of what suite me. I always went to Sunday School, I was "Christian" until sometime in Middle School when I decided I was not, wanted to be Taoist or Buddhist in late Middle School, and then decided I had no religious affiliation but that if I was anything I'd be closest to Jewish. Which I am not.

And I have the strong belief that, no matter what religion you are, all religions are equal. None over the other. And I also have a personal belief that every God that each religion believes in is really the same god presented in different ways in order to "fit in" with the culture.

AHH, NOOO. This is not a lesson on religion. I hate it when I sound preachy. I hate it when the preacher starts getting preachy too. Not that I really know. But I do watch 7th Heaven!

Anyway, this post should be called the GOD post or something. My posts never end up the way I meant for them to be ):

Well, I have a feeling that everything I just said was stupid. I get pensive at night though, and it is 11 pm.

I'm not even going to read or check what I wrote because it's all a little to serious for my taste. I digress a little too much, don't you agree?


'Not-tryin'-to-preach-at-ya' Haewon

1: Not to say I didn't like the teacher that taught me those things. But you know, you have to be fairly blah when teaching a religious unit in a public school. But I loved Mr. C!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm a Quitter (turned Harry Potter and Twilight post...sigh)...

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Sweet Pea by Amos Lee

Quitter makes me think of someone who plays Quidditch.

(You can tell that this is going to be another a.d.d. post, right?)

In all fairness though, I'm quitting my 58 in 58 Oscar's Challenge in order to not quit other things such as, not giving up on my grades etc. But I will still, eventually, watch all the movies and do a little review on them. Don't cry, sometimes compromises must be made. I will still review the movies, you will still read my blog, I will still get good grades, and you will still read my blog. Please.

Now, back on the topic of Harry Potter...

After I had written that first part I decided I want to find out what house I would be in if I went to Hogwarts (I'm still waiting for the owl to deliver my acceptance letter). I took many quizzes, some better than others. But every times I ended up being....

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

If anyone is interested in taking a quiz, I thought this one was the best. It didn't ask "what color do you like best" or "which animal is your favorite".

Like most Harry Potter fans, I really wanted to be the brave, daring Gryffindor. But when I answered the question: "A friend of yours tells you that there is some really cool stuff in an old abandoned building. When you get there you see a sign that 'Danger: Do not enter!', but the building doesn't look dangerous. There is nobody around to see you, and your friend wants to check it out" with:

"Obviously there is some dangerous stuff in there, and we shouldn't be going inside,"

I realized I wasn't cut out for Gryffindor. What a let down.

But heyyy, I'm miss smarty pants Ravenclaw. What what! You know, me and Cho Chang. Us two Asians chillin' in the smart house. Luckily in the wizarding world there is no need for us to drive cars. I think I could get a good handle on the Nimbus 2001 though.

Man, I so wish I could go to Hogwarts. I'm one of those crazy people who obsess over Harry Potter. (And if you have read any of my previous posts or know me at all, you know that I always have my fixations and obsessions--ahemMattDamonahem). Before Robert Pattinson was in Twilight, he was in a little thing called Harry Potter. After I first saw Goblet of Fire I fell in love with the Cedric Diggory version of Robert Pattinson and this crazy interview . Please, please, please watch at 7:30-7:46 ish. It's so awkward funny. Maybe he is drunk or something. I actually liked him better back then when he was kooky and odd, he had some personality at least. As much as I love[d] twilight, I'm sorry but the movies make me cringe. I never understood what it meant for a movie to make me feel awkward until I saw twilight. That being said, Stephenie Meyer was the first author that I really fell in love with in middle school and I still admire her story telling.

Anyway, is anyone else excited for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park that is going to open sometime this spring? I'm a little bit too excited. Right now, my number one destination choice is my ultimate fantasy land. I think we all knew this would happen someday. They would be stupid not to capitalize on a Harry Potter theme park. I've never been to Disney World, or Land. I know, what you're thinking, "You have been deprived of a childhood." Tell that to my parents. But I'm going to Disney Land (one word?) with my band in June (exciting!), but as of now, I have never been to either. Hopefully I win the lotto and can afford to get to Florida and go see the new theme park because, really, that's all I want from life right now.

Really. My life would be so complete buying a wand and magical candy and seeing Hogwarts standing on top of that cliff.

And, of course, I would have to buy a Ravenclaw scarf.



P.S. I'm amazed by those who actually read my blog. hey, thanks.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break '10! & Wibbley's

Hello Spring Break!

You know that extremely satisfying feeling you get when you change out of wet clothes or when the sun shines on your face for the first time in 11 months? That may just be us Seattleites, but let me tell ya. It feels good. That's how break is for me.

________is to adults as spring break is to students.

Answer: Drinking Holidays (no, that is not grammatically correct. So sue me)

It feels so nice to finally be on break. I can forget about the five tests I failed today and the teachers who still can't remember my name 7 months into school. I get to kick off my shoes, make me some grub, sit in front of the tv, and turn my mind off.

And besides that, I'm also going down to Oregon to go tour college campus's. I'm excited. I haven't fulfilled my Junior duty yet and haven't gone on any college visits. But I'm excited to get a feel for the place, you know? Do I like big or small schools? Do I care more about the dorms or the libraries? For the past 6 months or so I've been obsessed with I love taking the survey over and over again, trying to figure out which college is best for me, because we all know that computers offer the most valuable input as to where we should go to college...har. har.

But really though. I'm very excited. And I'm going with a friend so it will be that much more fun and exciting and yes.

Other than that, today my girly girls and I went to Wibbley's in Bellevue. It's a small burger place, very popular among those crazy Microsoft employees I hear. They have amazing milkshakes and crazy god onion rings. Yeah, I meant crazy good but I figured that god works there too, so I just left it.

We made friends with the guy who works there. He is super friendly and we loved him so much. We asked him about twenty questions while waiting for our third, notoriously late friend to show up (we love her & really, it's our fault for not telling her to be there fifteen minutes earlier than when we want her to show up). The guy who works there is this uber friendly black guy who, honestly, needs to have his own talk show because he is en-ter-tainin'! He told us that he prefers the strawberry milkshake to the chocolate milkshake because he was born in May but that he prefers the strawberry malt to the strawberry milkshake because it has an earthy flavor. Not a dirty flavor, but like it's been picked fresh. And that the root beer milkshake (which we all got btw) is outta this world. It was. It was dynamite.

And if you ever go to Wibbley's, get the onion rings. AHHH, he said that he would go home and still be thinking about them. I'm home and it is 11 at night and, yes, I am still thinking about them.

So after 2 hours spent eating an onion burger, onions rings, some fries (that he kindly gave to us for free because we were so indecisive about "onions rings or fries!?") and a root beer milkshake, and after symbolically loosening the belt (I was wear a dress) we headed back to our friends' car for 3 hours of sitting and being hyped up on food and screaming at the top of our lungs to the radio and drawing boobs and flowers and faces with noses on the steamy windows. Then my friends pointed out that "the steam is really just our spit and sweat that has evaporated" after which I immediately wiped my dripping fingers on her car seat.

Yes, today was a good beginning to Spring Break. I have one day for nothingness and cleaning my room. Because I hate coming home from a trip to a messy room. And then it's off to Oregon.

Ah, well, I think I will go to bed now. I want to be in bed before my momma gets back from picking up my brother from the Muse concert. I don't know why but sometimes I just don't like having to see people late at night. I don't like the sound of arrival when it's late and my arms are cold with tiredness.

Have a fun break everyone. I will be relaxing a lot. I hope all of you who already had break and have to go back to school are very jealous of me because I really despised you this past week when I was in school and you were not. Be safe. Use protection. Pepper spray (which I think is actually illegal to use in the state of Washington?). Remember to buy your mom flowers or plant a flower or look at the flowers in your garden or, at the very least, google some spring flowers.

I'm so happy spring is here. Although, spring=rain.

Rain, rain, go away...


Soggy in Seattle