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Glee Season 1 Episode 15: The Power of Madonna...

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Glee: The Power of Madonna

Okay, so I'm a little late on the Glee update. SPOILER ALERT.

That was my warning.

Okay, so if you didn't get to catch this week's episode of Glee, you can go online and watch it or you can catch a special encore showing tonight at 9 on fox.

So what let's discuss this week's episode. Did you like the Madonna theme? I suppose it was to happen sooner or later. It definitely gave Glee a new vibe, especially with Sue singing and the really experimental type music video they made for Vogue. I couldn't quite appreciate it as much as I should have because it was just too bizarre for me. 

Funniest Random Moment: When Brittany asks Mr. Schuester if Jesse St. James is his son. 

I thought one of the most entertaining pieces was when Will first sees the Cheerios practicing and all those cheerleaders were on stilts. That was so random and they were weird giraffe people but it was really cool! Especially when they lifted people up and spun that around. Creative, impressive, unexpected. 

The Best song and overall performance by far was, of course, the closing song: Like A Prayer. It was sweet, it captured the essence of the episode, and all of our favorite characters had their little solo time. Not to mention the choir at the end to cap it all off. 

What I didn't like about the episode: Jesse St. James is so frustrating! Okay, it's not that I didn't like him in this episode. He's amazing. But you always hate seeing the villain win. He not only almost gets Rachel to give it up but he's playin' her and NOW he is part of New Directions! We feel bad for poor, sweet, clueless Finn; he is losing to self-centered Jesse who is only using Rachel to sabotage New Directions.

Was it just me or did we all feel awkward seeing Jesse in the closing number? Yes, he is part of their glee club now but it was just so weird. He was out of place. The devil standing amongst the choir. Mhm, very interesting.

And, of course, we must talk about the big V in this episode. Emma, Finn, and Rachel were all due to lost their virginity in this episode. Did it happen? Not quite. It started with a little dream-like sequence where Finn & Santana, Emma & Will, and Rachel and Jesse all sung like a virgin in the same exact scenario. All about to lose their virginity in a planned, not so sincere way. Finn wants to get back at Rachel, Rachel wants to make backstabbing moron Jesse happy, and Emma wants to take control of her body and "do the nasty" [aww, she is so cute]. I thought Rachel would go through with it. She has been such a screw up lately (for example, letting their number one enemy get into her mind) that I just assumed she would follow through completely and then put everything in jeopardy. Emma couldn't have done it so soon. Her and Will need more time to have trouble with each other. If there isn't any tension between the two, then they will be happy and that just can't be. Especially not with Will's divorce over and out of sight. But Finn. Finn!? WHY, FINN, WHY. He did it. For some reason, you never expect the dumb ones to be the culprit.

Overall I was fairly happy with this episode. I felt like there was little plot advancement. So, what? Jesse is part of New Directions? Yeah, he is already screwing everything else up. Why not just add that in and break my heart further. But other than that, Will & Emma are back where they started more or less, Finn is no longer a virgin but will that really change him that not? I think not. It may create some superficial drama but everyone is quick to forgive. Absolutely nothing happened with Quinn. Mercedes and Kurt are now Cheerios but we know that Kurt will always end up back where he is allowed to sing Defying Gravity and we know that Mercedes has to come back to sing songs with soul. How long do we give them with the Cheerios? They'll be back by the time Quinn's baby pops out.

By the way, where was the baby bump? Did she already have it? Is it in the dumpster or something. She was sure dancing hard during the Express Yourself number. Maybe it rolled out then.

No big rants about this week's episode. No big raves, either. It was so-so. Which I hate to say about a Madonna episode. I was waiting for the big "AHA!" moment of the episode but it never really came.

My expectations are set high. Hopefully next week we'll see something more.


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