Sunday, June 20, 2010

An Education in Fashion: Part II...

I don't expect anyone to go out and start dressing like a British school girl after seeing this post. But there is something so effortless about these outfits, it just makes me happy.

I mean, come on. Does this not look comfortable? (Ahh, record player. That's on my wish list for room decor. It's art!)

First, a girl in a tie is def fashion forward. Boy-chic.

Like on Gossip Girl (left) or Alexa Chung (right):

The white button down top is classic and can be worn a thousand ways (that is ALSO on my "to buy" list this summer).

There's one more post to come after this and that will be the end of the "An Education...In Fashion" story.

Happy end of school to everyyoneee!!

I'm officially a Senior (I am totally writing a book called, "How to Survive Hell Junior Year").

Happy Summer (and to all of you who live in Seattle, here's hoping that we get in at least one month of sun this year!).


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    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that movie for its fashion!!!!!


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