Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Love Snail Mail...

I have always loved snail mail. Mostly I love receiving it but I also love sending it and checking the mailbox. Why? I have no clue. I am such a weird kid. Probably because it's old school and out-of-date enough at this point that when I get something in the mail, it feels special and exciting and new.

So anyway, my love of getting the mail has been exponentially increased ever since college acceptance/rejection letters have started coming out. I check my mail religiously (I'm not religious AT ALL but I DO check my mail every single day, sometimes twice or three times a day, know exactly when the mailman comes, and check it rain or shine or snow.)

Now just to give you a little recap on all my college information, I want to be a film major because, eventually, I want to make movies. So I applied to various film schools and some that don't have film. In all, I applied to six colleges/universities.

One of the schools was considered my safety (I knew I would get in), one was considered a backup (wasn't positive I'd get in but I had a good shot), and four were considered "reaches" (not going to get in but they are my dream schools/ivy league).

The first acceptance letter I got was SUCH a good feeling. It was my "safety", but it still felt nice to know that, no matter what I was going to college. And that was good.

Letter number two was a bit more exciting. It was from one my reach schools. It was the easiest of the four reaches to get into, but also a dream school. And I got some goooood money. I was freaking out when I got that thick, big packet in the mail. That was one of the letters I was impatiently waiting for, so when I got in (to their film school!) I was freaking out.

The next letter, thankfully an acceptance, was from my "backup". It felt good because it is an in state school so I knew that I would have a great in state school that I could afford to go to. I'm grateful, don't get me wrong, it just would not be my first choice. No film program there.

Sadly, letter number four was a big, fat (actually a small, scary) REJECTION. From USC. That stung a bit, but I knew I wouldn't go there anyway (you hear things on these college confidential forums...). And because I wasn't expecting an acceptance anyway, I was not shocked or crying or angry. I was like, "poop".

But that same day...Oh. Man. A dew-zay. The greatest email on EARTH came to my inbox informing me that I had been accepted to...drum roll please...New York University! I was accepted into their film program and when I read the email I screamed and froze for like a minute and mom thought my battery panel short-circuited. It was crazy. I'm still amazed that I would even be considered NYU material. Let alone be admitted to their prestigious film program. In that moment I realized that I had been accepted into two of my long shot, dream schools, and that I would be studying film somewhere in the country in the next six months.

I still have to hear back from one more school (ivy league, about a 0.005% chance I'll get in) but I am on cloud nine with my acceptances.

My mailman has NO idea what he has done for my health and confidence. I think I may leave a letter in my mailbox addressed to "My AMAZING mailman" to let him know he is my #1.

From a high, high place,


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Skins Controversy?

I recently started watching Skins, the t.v. show, and found that I actually really like it.

I say 'actually' because I didn't think I would. Not so much because of the controversy surrounding it but because, well...there are tons of teen-centric shows out there that are, in my opinion, flops.

But it got me thinking, what do teens think about Skins? Do they believe it's as inappropriate for them as many of these highly concerned parents do?

Most of my thoughts can be found here:

What's your take on the whole 'Skins' controversy?


Friday, March 4, 2011

Dreamland by Sarah Dessen...

I recently read This Lullaby, by Sarah Dessen. Lately, as in the past year or so, I haven't been reading nearly as much as I always had before. I used to be the kid that would go home and immediately start reading until it was absolutely necessary for me to take a break to eat dinner, take a shower, and do a rush job on my homework. Then I would furiously find where I left off in my book and read throughout the night. But once I started high school and started being involved in sports, clubs, and AP classes, I found that I had less and less free time; and with the little time I had, I wanted to rest my brain as much as possible by just watching t.v. or hanging out at the mall with friends.

Part of it, too, was that I couldn't really find any books I was really into. Like almost every kid who has ever picked up a book, I went through the Harry Potter phase. I even went through the Twilight phase in middle school. But when I tried to start getting into my heavy reading habit again, I couldn't find any material that got me hooked as much as HP or Twilight (by the way, I am not embarrassed that I went through the Twilight phase. I must say, I liked the books a lot more before the huge craze hit-I felt like it was my secret discovery book-but the fact of the matter is, I enjoyed the book a LOT).

My friends always suggested and lent me books to read-Vampire Academy, anyone?-and although it started getting me back into reading, I didn't particularly find any of them amazing.

But (ah, of COURSE there is a 'but'!) I then found an author that I really enjoyed: Sarah Dessen. Okay, yes I realize I am quite a few years behind when it comes to Sarah Dessen. I remember in middle school (I'm a Senior now) I bought my friend a Sarah Dessen book, as well as introduced her to Twilight, for her birthday. But I never actually read her books. That was until I checked out This Lullaby from the library and, surprise, surprise, liked it a ton.

There was something really funny and appealing about her style of writing, not to mention the fact that it was a teen love story and, come on...what single high school girl doesn't love a good romance! So after finishing that book in two days, I immediately went on my online library account and reserved Dreamland.

I'll admit, Dreamland almost seems like it was written by a completely different author. But I was pleasantly surprised. It's a book about an abusive relationship (it's about a lot more than that but I'm not really a book reviewer and I'm sure you can find your own reviews of the book online). As someone who has always had this sort of twisted, curious fascination with abusive relationships, I got hooked on the book (not in a masochistic way. It's sort of like how people like to watch Cops, or Hoarders, or murder shows. It's an interest in what is a known social taboo, something that you know you will never experience which makes it all the more intriguing).

After reading those two books, I am definitely back in the reading game. I'm unstoppable. I'm abusing my library card privileges wholeheartedly by checking out way more books than is necessary just so that I can race through every book like a madman. Anyway, the moral of the story is...

Reading is good. That, and make time to do things you love. Sure, I stopped being an avid reader for a couple of years. I didn't miss reading when I wasn't reading, mostly because I forgot how lost I could get in books. But when I finally made time for it, came back, and realized my passion for reading a second time, I was happy. I am happy.

Not a profound life lesson or anything. Just an observation. And a chance for me to announce my, very late, discovery of the lovely Sarah Dessen. Hooray for late bloomers!