Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Taylor Swift, Ellen Degeneres, and Aced Midterms...

Can I just brag a little bit and say that I have THE most awesome October in the history of Octobers? This October even beats the time my friend and I traveled to San Francisco for our 18th birthdays.

It started when my college friends and I went crazy one night and realized that we needed to take advantage of the fact that we go to school in SoCal. We decided we wanted to go to a show taping. I had been to two show tapings before (once to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and once to Conan as a part of my TV production class. My professor is friends with the director of Conan so we got to watch the show in the control room and watch the director talk with his crew, direct, and even some of the editing process. Once in a lifetime opportunity!). My friends had never been to a show taping.

We wanted to make sure that we would get tickets and since it can sometimes be kind of iffy, we decided to sign up for tickets for just about every show: Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Tonight Show, Conan, The Voice, etc.

Well, little did we know that we'd get tickets to EVERY SINGLE THING we signed up for (except for the Ellen show, but more on that in a second). We couldn't go to every single one because we happened to get tickets for all these shows in about a two week span of each other in October, but we went to quite a few.

  1. Conan: we got to see the ginger himself, and Andy Richter, who is my favorite. PLUS, the musical guest was ELLIE FREAKIN' GOULDING. She performed "Anything Could Happen" and I died twice and fell in love with her.
  2. Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Jimmy's (Kimmel and Fallon) are probably my favorite late night hosts so I was beyond excited to see Kimmel. He's actually quite handsome in real life. (Show of handsome? If you don't get the reference, watch the video below, PLEASE. It will change your life.) Plus, Guillermo. Guillermo wearing cat ears. 'Nuff said.
  3. The Voice: Ok, this was upsetting. Not going to bash The Voice too much but we went and didn't get to see the show because they wanted us to wait over 4 hours to get in because they had some major troubles with scheduling. It was upsetting and I'm not going to elaborate, but we fixed our awful letdown of not seeing sexy Adam Levine with some retail therapy in L.A.
  4. Taylor Swift and Ellen's Red Release Party: It happened. I was there. Free. Saw T-Swizzle and Ellen on stage. Probably the closest I'll ever come to either of them and it was completely gratis. So awesome. PLUS, I sat right next to Aylin and Lily from The Glee Project and we introduced ourselves and that was my first celebrity sighting EVER.

So needless to say, October was an amazing month. Not to mention that I have left my teens behind and turned 20 in October and my gift from my parents is my very first iPhone! (Yes, I am about thirty years behind the times and still have a phone with a keyboard. Don't judge. My iPhone shall be here soon and I will join the rest of civilization.) And I also left midterms behind in October and ACED them all! 

OH AND ALSO, I was officially accepted into my study abroad program for the spring semester. I'll be in SEOUL by the end of February!

Yes, October was grande. Now, I just need to survive the next four weeks until Thanksgiving break and everything will be just perfect.



The video I promised: