Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"These are a few of my favorite things..."

I have no shortage of emotions. I feel things intensely. It sounds like a bad quality to have, like I would be an annoying crier, a cackling laugher, a spitty fighter. But I've found that I actually enjoy it. I feel like every second of my life is so much more potent because I know that what I'm doing actually means something; I'm making mistakes and learning from them, I'm learning what boosts my spirits to the highest of highs, I'm living.

I didn't mean to make this a serious post though. I started thinking about this as I am currently in a new phase of obsession: (500) Days of Summer. I saw it when it first came out in theaters but recently watched it again. Watching the dvd in the comfort of my own home made me enjoy the movie so much more. I was comfortable, the air wasn't full of pure salt, and I could lay down on plush pillows and comforters to enjoy everything that is (500) Days of Summer.

I'm officially obsessed: I bought the soundtrack on iTunes, I even bought some of the original score, I not-so-secretly want the movie for my birthday, downloaded an interview with the screenwriter of the movie itunes, and I even almost copied Summer's senior quote from the movie ("Color my life with the chaos of trouble." -Belle & Sebastian). At the last minute I went with "Rarely is the question asked: is our children learning?" -George W. Bush. 

So it got me thinking, what are some things I absolutely love? Here's a list:

1. Matt Damon.
I fell in ABSOLUTE, no-turning-back love with him after I saw Invictus. He is my number one obsession. Hot, hot, hot.

2. (500) Days of Summer.
This is my new movie passion. I sort of want to be Summer, she is my new role model (okay, not a great one but, she makes the boys cry). And I want to find a Tom. I mean, how cute would it be to go on a date to IKEA?

3. Apples.
If you've never had a crisp, sweet and tangy, fresh-picked Washington apple in the fall, you are missing out. Truly good apples are hard to come by.

4. Raindrops
Growing up in Seattle, how can I not love the rain? It may be a love-hate relationship but there is definitely some true, deep-rooted love in there.

5. Concerts
There is something so magical freeing about being at a concert with the alternating bright lights and darkness and the loud music altering the beat of your heart and the music flooding your whole being.

6. The Charms in Lucky Charms (or are they the "lucky"?)
Let's face it, we all like to pick them out of the cereal.

7. Seattle's gray winters & being in love

It's a weird combination but for some reason I really like it. Granted I only like it for the first few months, then I get depressed and desperately seek sunlight. I think it's like how you can smell a scent and it triggers a memory, or how you can think of a certain someone every time you hear that one song. In this case, the weather reminds me of love.

8. Yellow

And converse. So comf.

9. Scribbling & doodling

10. The Kite Festival

It's just so beautiful! Plus it's on the beach so you can smell the salty waves off the cold Pacific coast.

11. Soft and Warm Seattle Summer Sun
This isn't Seattle. It's just really pretty.

12. Floral Dresses & Fashion Photos

It's just so girl pretty. And it's nice to be girly once in a while. See my fav. fashion photos here.

13. Soft Coloring

Like in "Teenage Dream".

Love, love, love it all. Recognize the little things.

-A                                       Lemon.

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