Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm a Quitter (turned Harry Potter and Twilight post...sigh)...

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Quitter makes me think of someone who plays Quidditch.

(You can tell that this is going to be another a.d.d. post, right?)

In all fairness though, I'm quitting my 58 in 58 Oscar's Challenge in order to not quit other things such as, not giving up on my grades etc. But I will still, eventually, watch all the movies and do a little review on them. Don't cry, sometimes compromises must be made. I will still review the movies, you will still read my blog, I will still get good grades, and you will still read my blog. Please.

Now, back on the topic of Harry Potter...

After I had written that first part I decided I want to find out what house I would be in if I went to Hogwarts (I'm still waiting for the owl to deliver my acceptance letter). I took many quizzes, some better than others. But every times I ended up being....

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

If anyone is interested in taking a quiz, I thought this one was the best. It didn't ask "what color do you like best" or "which animal is your favorite".

Like most Harry Potter fans, I really wanted to be the brave, daring Gryffindor. But when I answered the question: "A friend of yours tells you that there is some really cool stuff in an old abandoned building. When you get there you see a sign that 'Danger: Do not enter!', but the building doesn't look dangerous. There is nobody around to see you, and your friend wants to check it out" with:

"Obviously there is some dangerous stuff in there, and we shouldn't be going inside,"

I realized I wasn't cut out for Gryffindor. What a let down.

But heyyy, I'm miss smarty pants Ravenclaw. What what! You know, me and Cho Chang. Us two Asians chillin' in the smart house. Luckily in the wizarding world there is no need for us to drive cars. I think I could get a good handle on the Nimbus 2001 though.

Man, I so wish I could go to Hogwarts. I'm one of those crazy people who obsess over Harry Potter. (And if you have read any of my previous posts or know me at all, you know that I always have my fixations and obsessions--ahemMattDamonahem). Before Robert Pattinson was in Twilight, he was in a little thing called Harry Potter. After I first saw Goblet of Fire I fell in love with the Cedric Diggory version of Robert Pattinson and this crazy interview . Please, please, please watch at 7:30-7:46 ish. It's so awkward funny. Maybe he is drunk or something. I actually liked him better back then when he was kooky and odd, he had some personality at least. As much as I love[d] twilight, I'm sorry but the movies make me cringe. I never understood what it meant for a movie to make me feel awkward until I saw twilight. That being said, Stephenie Meyer was the first author that I really fell in love with in middle school and I still admire her story telling.

Anyway, is anyone else excited for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park that is going to open sometime this spring? I'm a little bit too excited. Right now, my number one destination choice is my ultimate fantasy land. I think we all knew this would happen someday. They would be stupid not to capitalize on a Harry Potter theme park. I've never been to Disney World, or Land. I know, what you're thinking, "You have been deprived of a childhood." Tell that to my parents. But I'm going to Disney Land (one word?) with my band in June (exciting!), but as of now, I have never been to either. Hopefully I win the lotto and can afford to get to Florida and go see the new theme park because, really, that's all I want from life right now.

Really. My life would be so complete buying a wand and magical candy and seeing Hogwarts standing on top of that cliff.

And, of course, I would have to buy a Ravenclaw scarf.



P.S. I'm amazed by those who actually read my blog. hey, thanks.


  1. hey, this is loveyou from teen vogue!

    I haven't finished the book Push/Precious yet, I've been too busy with school work, but I seriously recommend you buying it!

    it's very powerful, the emotions it makes you feel, and although it takes a little getting used to reading (the words like 'mother' are put as 'muver' so it's to do with her bad spelling and accent) it's worth it for sure!

    also, much love for harry potter!

  2. Hello Haewon, Sorry this comment is not about your post! :-)
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog KimmyStyle! You are incredibly kind and sweet.
    And I also wanted to point out I was reading your profile and you are most certainly already a writer my dear-keep up the wondrous thoughts you have and never lose your intriguing personality, cheers my friend!

  3. Rachel- thank you so much for the suggestion. I will be off to go buy it soon!

    Kimmy-thank you back! Kind words from strangers mean a lot.

    (: !


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