Friday, October 1, 2010

3.1 Phillip Lim: Fall 2010...

This is beautiful, is it not? I love the sheer blue tinted nylons that they are wearing. It adds a hint of color without looking comical, as some solid colored leggings do.

Photo 1: I absolutely love the color of the blazer and the pearly satin accent on the edge. Not to mention the shoes, which remind me of the Pierre Hardy Wedges that I talked about before.

Photo 2: This reminds me of Alexa Chung. Gosh, I wish I could find the photo. It's in Teen Vogue, I'm assuming. Because Teen Vogue loves Alexa Chung and loves to publish photos of every outfit of hers.

Photo 3: I am loving the oversized sweater trend this fall. Not only is it the most comf thing you could possibly wear on a cold Seattle day, but it is easy to throw on and covers up winter weight from all that pumpkin pie and turkey and hot cocoa.

Photo 4: Again with the crossed straps, which I think is really visually pleasing, as is the silhouette. When in motion, the skirt paints a nice hour glass shape which is a nice step away from the straight lines of skinny jeans and leggings.

Photo 5: Do you not just love the shape of the skirt? It reminds me of a white calla lily.

Floral is a new way.



  1. I favorites are photos 2 and 3! I love the simplicity of photo 2 and I absolutely adore over sized clothing.So that sweater looks terribly comfortable. :)

    Oh and hi I've just started a new blog! Come and check it out when you have the time, let my know what you think! Feel free to comment :)

  2. See whatyou mean about the leggings, gorgous! Photo $'s my favourite, love the skirt!

    Lots of love
    p.s. i've just started a new blog, its about teens and our live to put it simply,its still in its early days though. check it out, let me know how you like it thanks! xx

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    I'm on my way to yours (:


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