Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break '10! & Wibbley's

Hello Spring Break!

You know that extremely satisfying feeling you get when you change out of wet clothes or when the sun shines on your face for the first time in 11 months? That may just be us Seattleites, but let me tell ya. It feels good. That's how break is for me.

________is to adults as spring break is to students.

Answer: Drinking Holidays (no, that is not grammatically correct. So sue me)

It feels so nice to finally be on break. I can forget about the five tests I failed today and the teachers who still can't remember my name 7 months into school. I get to kick off my shoes, make me some grub, sit in front of the tv, and turn my mind off.

And besides that, I'm also going down to Oregon to go tour college campus's. I'm excited. I haven't fulfilled my Junior duty yet and haven't gone on any college visits. But I'm excited to get a feel for the place, you know? Do I like big or small schools? Do I care more about the dorms or the libraries? For the past 6 months or so I've been obsessed with I love taking the survey over and over again, trying to figure out which college is best for me, because we all know that computers offer the most valuable input as to where we should go to college...har. har.

But really though. I'm very excited. And I'm going with a friend so it will be that much more fun and exciting and yes.

Other than that, today my girly girls and I went to Wibbley's in Bellevue. It's a small burger place, very popular among those crazy Microsoft employees I hear. They have amazing milkshakes and crazy god onion rings. Yeah, I meant crazy good but I figured that god works there too, so I just left it.

We made friends with the guy who works there. He is super friendly and we loved him so much. We asked him about twenty questions while waiting for our third, notoriously late friend to show up (we love her & really, it's our fault for not telling her to be there fifteen minutes earlier than when we want her to show up). The guy who works there is this uber friendly black guy who, honestly, needs to have his own talk show because he is en-ter-tainin'! He told us that he prefers the strawberry milkshake to the chocolate milkshake because he was born in May but that he prefers the strawberry malt to the strawberry milkshake because it has an earthy flavor. Not a dirty flavor, but like it's been picked fresh. And that the root beer milkshake (which we all got btw) is outta this world. It was. It was dynamite.

And if you ever go to Wibbley's, get the onion rings. AHHH, he said that he would go home and still be thinking about them. I'm home and it is 11 at night and, yes, I am still thinking about them.

So after 2 hours spent eating an onion burger, onions rings, some fries (that he kindly gave to us for free because we were so indecisive about "onions rings or fries!?") and a root beer milkshake, and after symbolically loosening the belt (I was wear a dress) we headed back to our friends' car for 3 hours of sitting and being hyped up on food and screaming at the top of our lungs to the radio and drawing boobs and flowers and faces with noses on the steamy windows. Then my friends pointed out that "the steam is really just our spit and sweat that has evaporated" after which I immediately wiped my dripping fingers on her car seat.

Yes, today was a good beginning to Spring Break. I have one day for nothingness and cleaning my room. Because I hate coming home from a trip to a messy room. And then it's off to Oregon.

Ah, well, I think I will go to bed now. I want to be in bed before my momma gets back from picking up my brother from the Muse concert. I don't know why but sometimes I just don't like having to see people late at night. I don't like the sound of arrival when it's late and my arms are cold with tiredness.

Have a fun break everyone. I will be relaxing a lot. I hope all of you who already had break and have to go back to school are very jealous of me because I really despised you this past week when I was in school and you were not. Be safe. Use protection. Pepper spray (which I think is actually illegal to use in the state of Washington?). Remember to buy your mom flowers or plant a flower or look at the flowers in your garden or, at the very least, google some spring flowers.

I'm so happy spring is here. Although, spring=rain.

Rain, rain, go away...


Soggy in Seattle

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