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The Words Just Get in the Way (aka the GOD post)...

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(I don't know proper blogging etiquette and I feel weird responding individually to comments-because I am weird-but THANK YOU to those of you who commented most recently (: Very sweet and much appreciated!)

Spring Break is my favorite time of the year. How many times do I have to say that before it stops being true?

But all good things must come to an end and, unfortunately, my life is no exception to that rule. So no more lazy days and nights, it's time to study study study and get a 5 on the AP test (to make your high school look good or w/e).

Basically this is my weirdo post. Well, pretty much that's every post. "The words just get in the way", says Amos Lee. I agree, Amos! Sometimes I just want to post because, you know, you all depend on me to know what is going on in the world and all that. But sometimes I wish I had a cord to connect to my brain that could piece all my incoherent thoughts together to form beautiful sentences that actually make sense and then type it up for me.

But until technology catches up with my brain, I am forced to like, use my brain, or something. God, what a weird concept.

So today I went to "my" church (and I say "my" because, although I've gone there periodically since I was a young girl, I don't go regularly. Unless once a year on average is regular...). My mom and grandma and I went to hear the resident scholar, Rabbi Ted Falcon talk about Adam and Eve. Now, you have to understand. Rabbi Ted Falcon is the funniest, most interesting, most intelligent speaker. Now this is coming from a 17 year old, non religious girl who sometimes has a slight fear or organized religion. His take on certain topics is so interesting. He truly makes me think harder, grow stronger, and feel more positive than anyone else. I got more out of one of his hour and a half long speeches than I got out of the whole "bible" unit we studied Sophomore year1.

You should definitely check out this site if you are ever stranded on the "there's-nothing-to-do-online" island. I'm not putting pressure on you religious wise. To tell you the truth, I'm kind of a weird blend of bits and pieces of what suite me. I always went to Sunday School, I was "Christian" until sometime in Middle School when I decided I was not, wanted to be Taoist or Buddhist in late Middle School, and then decided I had no religious affiliation but that if I was anything I'd be closest to Jewish. Which I am not.

And I have the strong belief that, no matter what religion you are, all religions are equal. None over the other. And I also have a personal belief that every God that each religion believes in is really the same god presented in different ways in order to "fit in" with the culture.

AHH, NOOO. This is not a lesson on religion. I hate it when I sound preachy. I hate it when the preacher starts getting preachy too. Not that I really know. But I do watch 7th Heaven!

Anyway, this post should be called the GOD post or something. My posts never end up the way I meant for them to be ):

Well, I have a feeling that everything I just said was stupid. I get pensive at night though, and it is 11 pm.

I'm not even going to read or check what I wrote because it's all a little to serious for my taste. I digress a little too much, don't you agree?


'Not-tryin'-to-preach-at-ya' Haewon

1: Not to say I didn't like the teacher that taught me those things. But you know, you have to be fairly blah when teaching a religious unit in a public school. But I loved Mr. C!

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