Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glee is Back...

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And waiting for Glee to return soon after! (@ 9:28 according to Fox (: ). Now that Glee1 is back on, you might be getting a lot of "what happened on"'s. I don't know why I love this show so much. I guess it's just super funny to me that these kind of downer teenage situations are doused in show tune songs and breakout dance numbers. Yeah, it's not like High School Musical where you randomly find them singing in the middle of the hallway with people walking around. It's a little more normal. They are (usually) singing in situations where one may find people actually singing, like in Glee Club. However, there was that one episode where Emma and Will dance together and Emma sings. That would be kind of weird in real life.

Anyywayyy, I am excited for Glee. I won't have time to squeeze in studying but....sometimes you gotta make sacrifices! Besides, I already finished my calc homework (and it's only 8pm! I don't usually start homework until like, what? Ten? Twelve? jk.)

I have also decided that my posture is horrible and needs to be corrected before I become a hunchback lady. Because, although I could find another hunchback hubby, I would prefer to be semi-normal shaped. 90% of my height comes from the waist up, it's weird. I don't need another deformity! Maybe I should get one of those things you snap into place on your back so that when you slouch, you get a snap to the back. You know, the one your (my) mom threatened you (her kids) with when you (we) were younger. [I just researched it. I can save myself from having to marry the hunchback or Notre Dame for the small price of $29.99! Hallelujah!]

I better go and concentrate on homework (television).



1:Have you heard about those Glee auditions? I wanted to audition but then when I read the rules for applying that said "record your awesome singing abilities" I was like, I'm out.

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