Sunday, April 25, 2010

America: The Story Of Us...

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America: The Story Of Us

I don't know. Is it just me or is history actually pretty fascinating? Like, I'm not some huge history buff, but I gotta say. I really enjoy me some history channel every now and then.

I'm still pretty upset that I never watched that Matt Damon/Howard Zinn history channel thing ('cause we all know I'm NOT obsessed with Matt Damon or anything...).

I had to decide between the history channel and Star Trek tonight. It was a tough choice because, really, both options are about the same length and both capture the legacy of a great nation. I kinda wanna know about Captain Kirk's rise to captainhood and I really want to watch the struggle of the first settlers in Jamestown. HOW DOES ONE DECIDE.

So I'm deciding to go with American History, considering my AP US History test is coming up in two weeks and I can no motivation at all to do any real studying. (I hope the history channel doesn't screw me over by putting up some biased, overly dramatized crap like National Treasure.) I don't think my AP graders would appreciate me citing the history channel in my essay, would they?

Anyway. I guess I will just have to watch the rest of Star Trek tomorrow. Darn. But I figure it's part of my duty as a blogger to watch it. It was nominated for an Oscar so, technically, I have to watch it. It only won one Oscar this year, for best makeup, but still. It's a nominee and I must honor that fact and sacrifice my homework time to give the people what they want [ha, ha. actually just kidding. No one really cares about my reviews. But for the purpose of dramatic effect, I must be a martyr!].

Anyone with me? Anyone else going to watch the whole 12 hours of American history? We can do it!

So this kid in my APUSH class (AP US History) was talking about what the future AP tests will be like once we graduate and he was like, "they'll ask 'who was the first black president of the united states'". Haha. Maybe you just had to be there. Yeah, you just had to be there. Totallyyyy not funny. Okay, I'm stopping.

Knock knock.

Okay, no, just joking. I was trying to redeem myself for the bad attempt at a joke before but...

My lips are chapped and cracked! Owwwwwwwww.


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