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Thirty Second Movie Review: An Education...

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An Education
Directed by Lone Scherfig
Based on the Memoir written by Lynn Barber
Screenplay by Nick Hornby
Oscar Nominations: Carey Mulligan for Performance by and Actress in a Leading Role, Best Picture, Adapted Screenplay

Mmm. A very interesting movie. It's sort of a twisted movie. A young teenage girl falling in love with an older man. It's a movie about the loss of innocence. But the interesting thing is that the music, the tone and the the script are all lightweight. A lot of times, when you watch a movie about a young girl coming of age and losing her innocence, it's dark and heavy and you come out of it all feeling weighed down. Carey Mulligan's portrayal of Jenny is effortless. Peter Sarsgaard as David is layered.

If you liked The Talented Mr. Ripley, you'd like this movie. The innocence, the subtle manipulation throughout the movie, and, honestly, the perversion of the whole situation, is really intriguing.

I give this movie 4 1/2 umbrellas. Why not five? I wasn't entirely happy with the ending. And, at least for me, the ending plays a huge part in how I see the movie. I could watch a two hour long movie, think it's the best movie ever made, and then have it be ruined by the last five minutes. The ending didn't ruin the movie, not by any means. I just feel like it didn't live up to the high standards the beginning and middle of the movie had set. I loved the twist at the end, I loved the shots and I am glad that the character made the choice she did at the end. I just felt like the relationship between the two main characters ended without the final punctuation mark.

See the movie, it's good.


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