Monday, May 3, 2010

What I Will Miss When I Die...

What I will miss when I die, no edits, one take:
  • Eating my favorite foods
  • Laughing until my sides hurt
  • Hearing the rain pound on the rooftop every night
  • The stars twinkling at night
  • Staring longingly at cute boys
  • Watching the Thursday lineup on NBC with mom
  • Communicating solely in song with my sister
  • Singing the Winnie the Pooh song to wake up my brother
  • Making wontons with dad
  • Reading all night until the sun comes up
  • Busing it to Seattle with E
  • Morning car rides with A
  • 3 am confessions
  • Making collages
  • Writing stories that go nowhere
  • Watching behind the scenes footage and gag reels on dvds
  • Rubbing my pups belly
  • Putting together cute outfits
  • The confidence boost you get from a new haircut
  • Lying in bed in the dark, thinking
  • Telling a funny joke and hearing people laugh
  • Being the quiet person on the sidelines
  • Peeing in the morning
  • The sound of lawn mowers in the summer
  • Finding an amazing book series
  • The moment right before I fall asleep
  • Painting poorly because it's fun
  • Making lists for everything
  • Listening to the funniest teacher give a lesson
  • Running my tongue over my braces
  • Strumming my guitar with my eyes closed

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