Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Job Interview...

The interview

It's 3:40, I'm supposed to be there at 4:00 pm but it only take 7 minutes to get there. "I'll wait for you in the car!" my dad shouts as I'm combing my hair in the bathroom. I check my braces-lined teeth for any food and turn off the bathroom light just as I hear my dad running up the stairs and yell, "SHE TOOK THE CAR." "She" being my mom, "took the car" meaning I'm screwed.
Ring Ring. Ring Ring. "Hello?"
Both sides hang up the phone. What did that accomplish!? I call up my friend E- and as the phone rings I have a flashback to when I was taking a bath and envisioned this exact, horrific moment happening. "E! If you aren't busy, do you think you could do me a HUGE favor?"
"Do you need a ride to your interview?"
How did she know. "How did you know?"
I get to my interview on time, thank the lord & E-. As I am standing there in the store, waiting for the manager, I am brushing lint off my dress and realize that my panty line is TOTALLY VISIBLE. That's probably the reason why, when the manager so unfortunately walked up from behind me, I twirled around ultra quickly and nervously...knocking over a display mug or cup or something.
I bent around giggling and mumbling something incoherent and placed the cup back on the table. I fumbled to reach his still outstretched hand for a handshake.
Despite the horrific, suicidal making start, the interview went well. A lot of the things I said related to the interviewer somehow and he even asked me, "Is this your first interview? It is? You are very relaxed and comfortable! Good!"
He said he would let me know Monday. I'm nervous though. He said he was strict and kept talking about how mean he is! He seemed nice at the interview but he said that basically everyone who works there is a perfectionist and that he had hired a couple people two weeks ago and had to fire them! AGHH I am so nervous. I know I shouldn't worry about being fired before being hired. But REALLY!?
Wish me luck.

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