Sunday, February 20, 2011

Land of Avril Lavigne and Pam Anderson...

I've been itching to get out of here. Not permanently, but I need a break from everything. A serious cleansing, if you will. Because when shopping malls get stale and you've explored every surrounding city on the weekends, you've got to start venturing out a little farther.

We were going to go on a camping trip-rent out a cabin or yurt in one of the state parks-but when the forecast said freezing and our trip got hijacked by the "cool kids" (long story short, it's hard being friends with people from [almost literally] every clique at school! Friends just don't mix that well, they're like water and oil..and..something other things that don't mix.), my friend E- and I just decided we'd take a day trip to Canada by biggie. Except, IT'S A HUGE BIGGIE. Yeah, I'm technically and adult, but that doesn't mean anything when I still depend on my mom to cook me dinner and drive me places and schedule my doctor's appointments. So it is pretty exciting for us to be going to Canada alone. Granted, it's only about a three hour drive from Seattle to Vancouver. But regardless, crossing customs makes it all seem so legit.

Now, who knows how this will all go. Will we get lost and not make it to Canada? Will we get turned away from the border because E- isn't 18 yet? Will we have an amazing adventure just like we planned?

Ah, we shall see. All I know is that I'm glad to be getting out of this town for a while. It feels smaller and smaller every day.

"Oh, Canada, you silly goose."

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